Koh-Lanta crowns its champion: a victorious adventurer soon to be married.


The Winner of Koh-Lanta is Frédéric

This Tuesday, June 13th, 2023, TF1 broadcasted the very last episode of this 24th season of Koh-Lanta. The final council took place in the second part of the evening and Denis Brogniart, mythical presenter of the show since 2001, as usual, counted the ballots of the final jury in direct. After a little less than 4 months of thrilling suspense, sly strategies and grueling tests, viewers now know who of Frédéric, Nicolas or Tania has finally been designated the big winner of this season. It is… Frédéric! After winning the mythical post challenge, the young commercial director thus collects the 100,000 euros planned for the big winner and lets out his joy in the presence of all his opponents, some of whom have become friends, but also in the presence of Marine, his future wife. Indeed, the brilliant adventurer will get married very soon, on July 1st, 2023, as Denis Brogniart revealed! With such gains, the ceremony promises to be grandiose! But that’s not all, since the young man also planned to use this big check to open a cocktail bar. Beautiful projects both professional and personal that promise a bright future for the young couple.

The Internet User’s Reactions

On the side of the Internet users, even if many admit that Frédéric is the best adventurer of this final, many deplore the unfair reward of the strategy… “Congratulating the winner for his magnificent strategy is to praise as great and beautiful values ​​the lie, the perfidy, the betrayal“, deplores an angry Internet user. For others, this victory brings contradictory feelings… “Well, Fred deserves more than Tania objectively. BUT I’m disgusted that it’s not Tania. After, I also tell myself that for once, the one who wins the posts is the one who wins #kohlanta, it’s cool. In fact I am really mixed up”, explains a fan. What remains for sure is Tania’s “masterclass”, which amazed the whole of France. “Tania real winner of Koh-Lanta in the eyes of the people”, can be read on Twitter. Note that many Internet users have also deplored the behavior of the other women of the jury who had ceased to evoke their “girl power”. Finally, only Julie voted for Tania and all the others voted for Frédéric. Esteban is the second and last member of the jury to have given his voice to the young dietitian…

Viewer Figures

This year, the Koh-Lanta final gathered nearly 3.70 million viewers during the post challenge, or 18.4% of the French public. The second part of the evening, broadcast from 10:45 p.m., in turn brought together 3.09 million people, or 24.4% of the public. Figures a little higher than in the final of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem, in 2022.


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