Tom Cruise Mission Impossible: Always a Challenge for Flavia Vento


Flavia Vento’s Dream

Will Flavia Vento be able to make a breakthrough in Tom Cruise’s heart? For now, it seems like a Mission Impossible. However, the former model does not seem willing to give up, even though this time she was only able to see him from a distance. It happened in Rome, on the occasion of the premiere of Mission Impossible 7, some of whose scenes were shot in the capital.

A Dense Correspondence

But what happened between Vento and the Hollywood star? The story, for those who don’t remember it, dates back a couple of years ago, when the woman reported being the victim of a scam involving Tom Cruise. “I received a private message on Twitter where Tom wrote to me: ‘Thank you for your continued support,'” Flavia Vento later revealed to La Repubblica. From there, a dense correspondence would begin: she was convinced that she was really talking to the actor. “Our conversations were always nice, he said I was a goddess and called me Sun, he thought I came from a constellation. It was very romantic,” Vento told Le Iene, remembering that period. “Tom told me he was writing to me from his personal profile, different from the official one. I lived a dream, for so long I didn’t listen to a friend of mine who said to wake up,” she said.

The Cold Shower

A story that went on for five months, until the fake Tom asked her for money. There, inevitably, the cold shower. It is highly unlikely that one of the richest men in Hollywood would ask for money from someone else. The disappointment was bitter, but today Flavia is definitely more cautious, and advises to demand a video call when chatting, to avoid bad awakenings like the one she had. Who knows if one day she will be able to meet the real Tom.


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