Totti-Blasi separation: Judge orders shared custody of Rolex watches.


The Rolex Challenge

The now famous “Rolex challenge” between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi has added a new chapter. Judge Francesco Frettoni of the Rome Civil Court has ruled that the disputed watches will remain in “co-possession” of the former giallorosso captain and the Mediaset presenter. Therefore, she will have to return them to a shared safety deposit box, so that they remain available to Totti as well. A kind of “shared custody”, as Francesco and Ilary already obtained for their three children last April with the provisional divorce ruling.

The Return of the Watches

Ilary had taken the watches from the family safety deposit box, unbeknownst to Totti, in June 2022. That is, a month before the couple announced their separation. In court, the showgirl had argued that the Rolexes belonged to her, because Totti had given them to her. Francesco, on the other hand, had reiterated in the courtroom that he had never given the Rolexes to Ilary. “I will never ask you for the gifts I gave you back, I’m happy that you keep them, but the Rolexes are mine and I want them back,” the Captain had said, more or less, during the hearing last February. The judge has now given him reason. Stating that – contrary to what the showgirl claimed – the Rolexes were not gifts made by Totti to Ilary. So Ilary must immediately return them where she got them: in the family safety deposit box. In practice, the two exes will have to share the precious watches (four, it seems, of which the most expensive would be worth around 80,000 euros). How they will do it is unknown: maybe even and odd days? Certainly Francesco will be able to flaunt them on his wrist again.

The Outcome of the Hearing

However, in the new hearing, the judge did not express himself on the ownership of the watches. This means that the two exes could take out another lawsuit to determine who is the legitimate owner of the Rolexes. But with purchase receipts, guarantees and various proofs that he has, it is quite likely that the giallorosso champion will take them back definitively: it is just a matter of time. Ilary, for her part, in court, claimed the return of shoes, bags and jewelry that Francesco had hidden from her, out of spite, after the disappearance of the watches. The lawsuit had started from there. But the objects in question have since been found in storage and cupboards of the family villa in the Eur from which they had never moved. Therefore, according to the judge, the matter of contention has ceased. Even her claims on other jewels and valuables of which the showgirl had denounced the disappearance would not have been accepted. She was unable to prove it, so nothing was done.


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