Totti family on Hollywood vacation with Noemi Bocchi.


Totti Family Trip to California

The Totti family (Francesco and his three children Christian, Chanel and Isabel) has flown to California for a trip with Francesco’s new girlfriend, Noemi Bocchi. The relaxation that has been talked about in recent hours, with the return of the keys of the Ostia Antica sports center by Ilary to her ex-husband, seems to have borne fruit, at least judging by the happy family picture posted on social media in recent hours by Francesco and Noemi. A trip in style, also shared on Instagram by the young Chanel, very active on social media, who was photographed under the iconic Hollywood sign and among the stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Family Outing at Universal Studios

The family arrived in America yesterday and, after dinner at N10 Restaurant, Alessandro Del Piero’s restaurant in Los Angeles, today they enjoyed the most classic of Californian outings, a visit to Universal Studios, the place where the main films of the cinema come to life transforming into fun attractions. The impression is that it is not just a simple trip, but the public confirmation of a serene family climate: the whole family – including Cristian Totti, usually more reserved than his sister – posts and reposts stories showing the whole smiling and close-knit group.

Building a New Family Serenity

A bit of tranquility, after such a talked-about and complex separation, was indeed desirable, especially for the three children born from the long relationship between Totti and Ilary Blasi, who found themselves in the middle of the storm despite themselves. And, like all parents in the world, Dad Francesco probably thought of rewarding them a bit with a dream trip, taking them to have fun with the new companion Noemi, to try to build a new family serenity.


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