Wendie Renard Couple: Rare Insight on Their Relationship Reveals Much


Wendie Renard: The Captain of the Blues

Foxes can hide other foxes and the French team has the luck to have two! Since last March, Hervé Renard has taken back the reins of the French team in view of the Women’s World Cup, after a complicated end of reign for Corinne Diacre. The new coach did not hesitate long to make Wendie Renard his captain, she who is already part of the legends of the Blues. At only 33 years old, the native of Martinique already counts 147 selections in the national team and for the eighth final against Morocco this Tuesday August 8, she should have a primordial role if the French want to win.

The Discreet Love Life of Wendie Renard

Player of Olympique Lyonnais since her beginnings in 2006, Wendie Renard is one of the most popular footballers on the planet, but so far, she is very discreet about her love life. Yet, in 2019, she was willing to answer a few questions from the Public magazine to say more about her situation. “I have someone in my life, but it’s my secret garden. As nothing prevents me from having a baby. But there, I am in my career,” she explained at the time. Strong words from the captain of the Blues, who therefore do not want to indulge too much on her life outside of football.

Wendie Renard’s Comeback with the French Team

It is a real comeback for Wendie Renard with the arrival of the new coach, she who had nevertheless slammed the door of the Blues in February 2023. It is obviously her relationship with Corinne Diacre that influenced her choice at the time. “I can no longer condone the current system far from the requirements of the highest level,” she wrote on her social networks to explain her choice. “My face can mask the pain but the heart, him, suffers … and I no longer want to suffer,” she added and obviously, this revolt movement has been heard by the French football authorities. Since Hervé Renard took over the French team, things seem to have improved significantly within the group and the players are confident before their match against Morocco.


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