Which of Kate Middleton’s children looks most like her?


Prince Louis Resembles His Mother

It seems that of the three children of Kate Middleton and William of England, Prince Louis is the one who most resembles his mother, at least judging by the latest photos of him compared to those of the princess when she was little. To facilitate the last “face to face”, a picture of Kate as a child with her father Michael, where it is clear that in the case of baby Louis, the Middleton genes had the upper hand over those of the House of Windsor. A small “revenge” considering that Charlotte is a copy of her father William at the same age and that George, the eldest of the princes of Wales, also reminded more of his father than his mother. However, Prince Louis looks a lot like his mother, while his cunning expressions inevitably remind of his uncle Harry when he was his age. Smiles and winks (even in public) make him very likable, not at all confined to a role: after all, he is only 5 years old.

Prince Louis’ Upcoming Trip to Balmoral

In the coming days, the little one will arrive at Balmoral with his family to spend some days with Grandpa Charles III, Queen Camilla and his cousins. Playmates of the little Wales will be Savannah, 12, and Isla, 11, daughters of Peter Phillips (eldest son of Princess Anne) and the three children of Zara (second daughter of the princess) and Mike Tindall: Mia, 9, Lena, 5, and Lucas, 2. And in the Scottish estate there are already those who tremble: the children, when they all get together, are real hurricanes.

The Tradition of Jokes and Pranks at Balmoral

At Balmoral, after all, there is an ancient tradition of jokes and pranks, inaugurated years ago by Prince Philip. Let’s save who can, waiting to go back to school.


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