William, Kate 1st Meeting Story (9yo)


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s First Meeting

We all know that Prince William and Kate Middleton met at university: they both attended St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, and everyone had talked to the young William about a certain “beautiful Kate” prompting him to meet this girl, who also lived in the apartment below his. What not everyone knows, however, is that the two children had already met when they were just nine years old.

Cross-Referencing Information

This is according to Katie Nicholl, a writer and royal expert for UK, who, by cross-referencing her information, has discovered that the two children met at a hockey game in which William’s school team, Ludgrove Prep School, played against Kate’s school team, St. Andrew’s Prep. “At the time, of course, Kate was not interested in boys,” Nicholl writes in her book Kate: The Future Queen. “But the arrival of that special boy had caught her attention.”

Destiny or Coincidence?

After that meeting, William and Kate had “brushed” each other again before they got to know each other and fell in love: during their gap year before university. Kate had spent it studying in Italy, in Florence (where she learned our language), and William had gone with the Welsh Guards to Belize. But both had also spent two and a half months in Chile for a volunteer experience with the local population, and both had turned to the same organization, Raleigh International, to participate in the program. “They had only chosen different weeks,” said Malcolm Sutherland, who led both expeditions: “It’s an absolutely crazy coincidence.” Or was it just destiny.


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