Aaron Guerrero (“Chechu” in “Médico de familia”), 36 yrs: “Happy with my life”!


Memories from ‘Médico de Familia’

For many, Chechu is still the kid that enchanted us in ‘Médico de familia’, a series that can be seen again on Netflix. Almost 30 years have passed since the successful fiction starring Emilio Aragón and Lydia Bosch and Aaron Guerrero, 36, has put aside his acting career to focus on his hospitality business career and his family: his wife, Salomé Gadea, and his son, Beltrán.

Keeping in Touch with Former Series Colleagues

PRONTO: What memories do you have of ‘Médico de familia’? AARÓN GUERRERO: They are always good. I met a lot of people and it was a wonderful experience. Now it saves me having to introduce myself. P.: Do they still call you Chechu? A.G.: Yes, still. Even life-long friends call me Chechu. P.: Do you keep in touch with your former series colleagues? A.G.: We have a WhatsApp group through which we inform each other of projects and premieres, but we don’t see each other much. We see each other more with the ones from ‘Ana y los 7’. With Emilio Aragón, his father in ‘Médico de familia’.

Hospitality Entrepreneur and Fatherhood

P.: Also with Ana Obregón? A.G.: We talk and write to each other, but it’s been a long time since I saw her. I’m very happy that she became a grandmother. Aless and I got along very well, he was a very good friend of mine, so I’m delighted. P.: When and why did you decide to become a hospitality entrepreneur? A.G.: After ‘Ana y los 7’ I was without interesting projects for more than a year. I saw the possibility of opening my first restaurant and studied oenology. I got fully into hospitality and now I have seven restaurants, three of them Italian and one Andalusian. P.: I guess you like to eat. A.G.: I love to eat and cook. I’m a restaurant crazy. I travel to go to some in particular. P.: Would you go to ‘MasterChef Celebrity’? A.G.: Of the contests that are on TV, it would be the only one I would go to. With his wife, Salomé Gadea, and his son, Beltrán, born in 2017. P.: What are you like as a father? A.G.: Beltrán is the love of my life and I’m quite soft with him. That’s what my wife tells me. I find it hard to scold him. For now, I’m the good cop. P.: Do you miss television? A.G.: I’m happy with my life, but I still have the itch for acting, I’m not going to lie to you. When I step on a set, it brings back a lot of memories. It’s been 12 years as an actor.


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