Love in the Fields 2023: Anaïs’ Awkward Moments with Suitors (SPOILERS)


Anaïs is Looking for Love

Among the very few female candidates of this season 18 of ‘Love is in the Air’, there is Anaïs, a goat farmer who has been at the farm for three years now. A pretty brunette too, looking for love, and that viewers will be able to find during her speed-dating this Monday, August 21, 2023 (the first episode is already available on 6play Max). Before meeting her many suitors, she told Karine Le Marchand: “I’m as impatient as always. That’s my main fault. I want to see! I’m a bit stressed. (…) I’m counting on the feeling and spontaneity. I’d like guys who are sure of themselves but not too hard.”

No Big Mistakes

Unfortunately for her, the current is not really at the rendezvous on most of her slots … No big mistake, as for Patrice whom the production had come to help, or a call of the foot playful as in the case of Jean-Paul, but simply real moments of discomfort and blank, during which one would hear the flies fly and the goats bleat! “She’s observing him but I don’t feel her seduction. She’s in the analysis,” “I don’t feel her at all in love, I’m telling you!” “She has nothing to say to him,” “Well there, she’s fed up …”, comments the host from her sofa.

Anaïs Finds Shoes

And she does not say so well: “He’s very nice, I have nothing to reproach him, but I’m not curious anymore, that’s all,” she will say of one of her suitors, whose attempt at humor had left her speechless and who thinks for his part that the feeling was good. “It’s a nice animal, the goat … I had a relationship with a goat, I have to tell you! “, he joked, also provoking the discomfort of Karine Le Marchand. “Uh, that’s a bit embarrassing, that phrase! “, she had rebounded. The rest of the festivities will be of the same caliber: Anaïs does not really share the passion of one of her suitors for metal detection, another does not let her put a word in or on the contrary finds himself speechless in front of her, in the middle of a sentence. A “catastrophe” according to the main interested party, appearing with a dismayed pout in front of the cameras. But let viewers reassure themselves: she may well have found shoes (plural!) For her foot during these speed-datings …


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