Ageing Healthily: Michelle Hunziker on Staying Healthy as You Age


Investing in Health

For the web people, Michelle Hunziker is officially one of the most beautiful grandmothers on the media scene. A few hours after sharing an Instagram post in costume on the snow that left followers breathless, the Swiss presenter returns to social media to tell her relationship with old age. “A lot of people ask me: ‘Mich, but don’t you fear aging?’ And I always answer: ‘No, I don’t fear aging’. For me it is natural for time to pass, for things to change. I think aging is the only way not to die,” she says among Instagram Stories. And she emphasizes: “What I have been very occupied with, not worried about, is aging in good health”.

The Reason Behind it

With her now famous smile, the Swiss presenter also explains to followers the reason why she has come to have this relationship with the passing of time. It all started when she was 33 years old: sneezing and her neck got blocked. “I went to do Striscia la notizia all blocked up. And I said to myself: I’m 33, I can’t sneeze and get stuck”. From there the choice to invest more and more in physical and mental health, following the desire and willingness to take care of the “future of my maturing”. So, with the help of a personal trainer, she learned “the ABCs of gymnastics, motor sciences. I worked on my deficits and on everything that was wrong in my body”. The result? “I started investing more and more in health, enjoying life and thinking that this is the real investment” she assures without beating around the bush. And she makes an appeal: “Let’s age in good health. Then one remains gnocco as a consequence, because if one is healthy one is grateful, happy and gnocco”.

The Appeal

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Words that come immediately after a post in which Michelle Hunziker shows all her charm. In a red costume the Swiss presenter is on Jungfraujoch, the highest glacier in Europe and, she assures, “one of the most beautiful”. But the eyes of the users are apparently focused on another spectacle of nature: “46 years guys”, “I want to be like you at 46”, “What a grandmother” can be read among the comments. While she ironizes: “I always wanted to experience the thrill of freezing my ciapet at high altitude at -6 °. Now I challenge you! Tag me #costumatainvetta”.


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