Amador Mohedano reveals why Fidel Albiac is opposed.


The Mohedano Family and Rocío Carrasco’s Relationship with Fidel Albiac

Amador Mohedano has made his own documentary on YouTube, in which he shared many memories of his beloved sister and even of Rocío Carrasco, with whom he has not had a good relationship for years because of Fidel Albiac. The arrival of the businessman to the Mohedano family, especially after the turbulent divorce of the singer’s daughter with Antonio David Flores, marked a before and after. People from the Rocío Jurado fan club, who knew Fidel since he was little, warned the family about him. When Rociíto started going out with Albiac, the family gave her advice, but she never listened to them. Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac began their relationship in 1999 and now, after more than 2 decades, the daughter of Rocío Jurado has assured on many occasions that she is very happy by the side of her husband.

The Enmity between Amador and Rocío Carrasco

The enmity between Amador and his niece Rocío Carrasco has been a big topic, as Carrasco has assured in her two documentary series. Now that Amador has his own docuseries… will he tell more details of his version of the enmity with his niece?

The Advice from the Mohedano Family

The Mohedano family gave Rocío Carrasco advice when she started going out with Fidel Albiac, but she never listened to them. Amador assured on YouTuber Juanjo Vlog’s channel that people warned them about how Fidel was, and a very famous artist even called him to tell him how this boy was. They knew him in Seville, because he is from the Tiro de la Línea, and that area does not have a very good reputation… It’s like if we were talking about a neighborhood in Madrid in which you almost have to enter with a gun.


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