Ana Rosa Quintana: “I didn’t want to replace Sálvame”.


Ana Rosa Quintana’s New Program

Telecinco has organized a press conference in which Ana Rosa Quintana, accompanied by Jaime Guerra – director of the Production Division of Contents of Mediaset Spain – and Xelo Montesinos – CEO of Unicorn Content – has made an assessment of the nineteenth season of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’. The journalist, who savors one of the most special moments of her life, has attended the media in the final straight of her program and before starting in September to present the afternoons of Telecinco with ‘TardeAR’.

Ana Rosa’s Reaction to the Proposal

After her fight against cancer, the queen of the mornings will leave this space and change the time slot to offer the best news. Ana Rosa has confessed to us that “I don’t want to think about it” but that “we are going to try to make an innovative format and we are going to try to surprise” something that, as she tells us, “is increasingly difficult”. The presenter also stressed that her first reaction when offered to replace the time slot of ‘Sálvame’ was a resounding “no”, although she later changed her mind. Look at her words!

Ana Rosa’s Plans for the Summer

The presenter assures that it is not a goodbye because “I’m not leaving, I’m staying” and has explained that “we continue with all the companions” so that “it is not a goodbye. Goodbyes are always very sad, this is not a goodbye, this is that I move house”. Finally, the presenter has told us that this summer she wants to enjoy, but to be quiet at home: “I don’t want to go anywhere, I don’t want to travel, I don’t want planes, I want to sit and watch the waves of the sea“. In this way, it seems that the month of August will be resting to start with its new program in September.


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