Emile disappearance, 2.5yo: Mayor’s precise theory shared


Mystery of the Missing Boy

The mystery grows as the days go by. Since July 8th, Émile, a two and a half year old boy, has disappeared in the Haut-Vernet, a hamlet in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. A child that vanished under the supervision of his grandparents, after being seen by neighbors who were not very worried as they were used to seeing children running around.

Investigation Continues

While some feel guilty about the drama that unfolded that day, the investigation continues. Far from the field, the investigators in Marseille are now deep in all the information they have collected, as well as in the phone records. Meanwhile, in the village, all the inhabitants seem to be considering the same scenario, while the mayor of Vernet also has his own theory on what happened.

Mayor of Vernet’s Theory

It has been almost two weeks since Émile disappeared, and the mayor of Vernet, François Balique, has his own idea of what happened that day. “There was an intervention by an adult,” he said. For him, it was an accident. “It was a vehicle that was going a bit too fast. A driver who, instead of reacting normally, veers off. I’m sure the body is not in the municipality, everything has been turned over. It has been moved. There was an intervention by an adult, whether dead or alive,” he said. If for the mayor of Vernet there had necessarily been an external intervention, other inhabitants had their eyes riveted on the family of the little boy. While a judicial information has been opened, some remember the first searches to find the missing little boy and especially the attitude of the grandfather, who surprised more than one.


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