Tiziano Ferro: openness to his fans, even about illness.


Artists Sharing Their Human Side

There was a time when artists seemed sure that the less the public would know about them, the more fascination and mystery they would exert on that same public. Fortunately, things have changed, since artists who admit to being human, without being ashamed of their weaknesses and moments of discouragement, are perhaps the sweetest caress for fans who believe in them, and Tiziano Ferro understood this before the others.

Tiziano Ferro’s Delicate News

With his public he has shared everything, joys and sorrows. And that is why he could not keep for himself a delicate news like having a nodule on his vocal cords and having to undergo an operation soon. It would have been easy to announce the diagnosis with the tour still in progress, taking advantage of the wave of affection of the public and, above all, of the morbid interest of the media, but this Tiziano, one of the clearest people in our star-system, did not do it. He chose to communicate everything once the lights went out on his show in the sold-out stadiums, with his voice choked both for the strength that, unconsciously, the fans gave him by screaming his songs and for the fear that, from one moment to the next, the voice would abandon him on the stage for excessive effort. So fortunately it was not, but we feel like wanting to love Tiziano Ferro even more for having kept this moment for himself and for having waited to share it when he deemed it appropriate, without the pressure of an imminent interview and without the fear that someone would treat him condescendingly.

Wishing Tiziano Ferro Well

Certain that everything will go in the right direction, we wish Tiziano Ferro a lot of luck on this journey and, above all, we wish him not to lose that genuineness that success and fame have not taken away from him, leaving him as he has always been. A man who has faced dark demons like alcoholism and repression of sexuality and capable of publicly moved by the death of a friend like Raffaella Carrà who never spoke to him of her illness, but who made him feel grateful for having tasted her friendship until he could.


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