Ana Rosa’s fight to win evening audience: Sonsoles & Jordi join.


The Battle of the Star Presenters

With the arrival of September, powerful programs and premieres have started on television that will put their star presenters into a fierce battle for the audience. And it is that, after a summer period in which Antena 3 has consolidated its leadership, Television Española has remained firmly as the second option, mainly thanks to ‘El Grand Prix’, and Telecinco has been relegated to a third place, the new season, which has already started, opens a new battlefield where, especially in the afternoons and evenings, the most beloved and acclaimed faces of television think to fight for the best data.

The Advantages of the Contestants

To do this, they will compete with great advantages, with eye-catching star signings, surprising, exclusive content and all the deployment that allows them to innovate, be at the cutting edge of current affairs and offer a space that is attractive enough for the audience to crown themselves as leaders.

Sonsoles Ónega’s Success

It was just over a year ago, in July 2022, when one of those bombshell news that explode without warning suddenly fell on the television landscape: a juicy long-term contract was offered to Sonsoles Ónega, who, despite her long link with Mediaset, did not have a channel contract, but by work. His first challenge was to be the face of the afternoons, and on October 31st ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’ premiered, a magazine that, little by little, enchanted the audience with its friendly information and the rigorous character of a journalist close to the public. Sonsoles Ónega will compete against her former boss, Ana Rosa Quintana, when ‘TardeAR’ begins. And it is that Sonsoles is also liked because she does not stint on tears or laughter when necessary, as soon as she gets up from the chair and dances as she gets serious to look deeply into the camera and talk from the heart. Fernando Ónega’s daughter, who won the Josep María Mainat Award from the FesTVal de Vitoria for her professional career, managed to close the season with an average of 12.7% share and 2.9 million viewers. In fact, according to Kantar data, more than 32 million viewers have seen her program at least once. Now, the whims of destiny have wanted her to have her former boss, Ana Rosa Quintana, as a competitor, to whom she has gradually been “robbing” collaborators, such as Beatriz Cortázar, Paloma García Pelayo, Cruz Morcillo, Luis García Temprano or Rebeca Haro. However, still with total secrecy, Ana Rosa Quintana has already pulled out of her agenda, friends and faces that will undoubtedly surprise to form the ‘TardeAR’ team, on Telecinco.


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