Christine Bravo: “Hellish Paris” Photos & Outrage from Host Living in Corsica


Christine Bravo’s Parisian Impressions

The presenter and columnist Christine Bravo is known for her frankness since always. And two days ago, she made a big fuss on her Instagram account, with pictures. The 67-year-old bride who spends most of her time on a boat or in Corsica, was back in Paris for filming and something tells us that she is not about to come back to the capital! Photographing herself first in the studio of Les Grosses Têtes (RTL) – the opportunity to laugh and exchange good words with the rest of Laurent Ruquier’s band – Christine Bravo then revealed two other photos, an immersion in the traffic jams. And what traffic jams! Cars as far as the eye can see on the Champs-Elysées, avenue which is not far from the RTL studios…

Christine Bravo’s Social Media Post

Last participation in Les grosses têtes today, more than a shoot for Chérie 25 Monday [for the show Sous les jupons de l’histoire, ed.], and return to Corsica. I show you the Parisian hell to go from my barge to RTL. For each recording, I suffered 50 minutes go 50 minutes back in a noisy stench, an unimaginable climate of aggression, I don’t even talk about incivility. People are at the end, it screams, it honks, it defies each other. There are works stopped everywhere. Potholes in the roads, even on the Champs-Elysées. There are ugly bollards, ugly cars badly parked, dog droppings every 3 meters, it stinks of pee on the banks of the Seine. THIS is the city of Lights? MY city, my love. A cesspool. And we are going to welcome the WORLD for the O.G.!!! We are going to be the laughingstock. I’m ASHAMED. #saccageparis #jeuxolympiques #paris #rats #corse”, she wrote. Cash statements, as always with her. Suffice to say that current and social issues always provoke reactions and she was able to realize this in the comments of her publication.

The Reactions to Christine Bravo’s Post

There are those who agree with her. “I’m ashamed of the lamentable state of Paris. Thank you Hidalgo and all these incivilities. My daughter will leave Paris next summer. She is at the end of her life .. Aggressions. Violences. Unsanitary. Traffic jams. Works … everywhere “, for example wrote an internet user. And there are those who are outraged by his remarks. “We got it, you don’t like Paris anymore since you bought a house in Corsica. Yet it is in Paris that you have always worked, earned your money. Stop complaining for the sake of complaining. What have you become snobby since you discovered Corsica on a daily basis. You are too negative, we have enough of your free rants”, retorted another person. Positions she herself commented on… etc etc. In any case, Christine Bravo is not too pitiful because she will leave this “hell” this Monday, September 11 to return to her exceptional house in Corsica.


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