Ana Soria and Clara Chía become friends


Commonalities between Ana Soria and Clara Chía

It is undeniable that they look alike, not only because they are young, blond and have a very similar complexion. Ana Soria and Clara Chía would have seen themselves reflected in each other for more reasons. Anonymous before meeting their known partners, with rumors of infidelity to the previous partners on the part of their boyfriends, the two girls have a lot in common and would have established a relationship.

Rumors of Infidelity

This is what Pepe Del Real has assured in ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, and it is that he has pulled more of the thread after verifying that, among the “likes” of the first photo that Piqué uploaded with Clara Chía, Ana’s girlfriend had been included. Apparently, it would have been Ana the first to see herself reflected in Piqué’s girlfriend, and it is that when she was placed in the center of the media spotlight, she recognized that she took it very badly. When Shakira began to plot her revenge in the form of songs against the footballer, it was assured that Clara Chía had begun to have anxiety problems.

Clara Chía’s Psychological Support

Ana Rosa Quintana’s collaborator confirms it. ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ analyzes the friendship of Chía and Soria. “He tells me that deep down he feels identified with what Ana Soria lived. Both have been publicly questioned and have taken it badly. They tell me that she needed psychological support,” he confirmed, adding that the young woman’s parents had doubts about her relationship due to the age difference with Piqué, who is 36. According to Pepe Del Real, Clara Chía and Ana Soria, 25, “they send each other messages of support on social networks and at some point they have interacted”.


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