Anna Lou Castoldi: Italy Pushes LGBTQ+ to Go Elsewhere


Anna Lou Castoldi, daughter of Morgan and Asia Argento, has made a choice that was not the most obvious. At the age of twenty-one, she left Rome and moved to a small village, where she revealed to Fanpage that she is “delivering pizzas and giving English lessons”. Anna Lou also works in other fields such as waitressing and laboring. After earning her first money with the Netflix series Baby, Anna Lou promised her mom Asia that she would take care of herself. She stated that “with art I still can’t make a living, so I try to do my best. I’m getting by and learning a lot of things”. Anna Lou is in a serious relationship with her girlfriend Dora, but in Italy, it is difficult for young people, minorities and “different” people to build a family. Anna Lou recently had a musical evening in a DJ set in Portugal, and she felt that “we don’t feel it here”. She talked to a policeman about techno music for 40 minutes and he complimented her on her necklace. Anna Lou expressed that “in Italy if one of the forces of law sees you, you are only searched for the way you are dressed. It’s oppressive this mentality”. Anna Lou and Dora are considering moving abroad due to the lack of acceptance in Italy. Anna Lou stated that “I’m very attached to Rome, I’ve always been good there and I’m fond of it, but elsewhere we could find ourselves better. For the story we have had, we should be among the most evolved peoples in all respects. Instead, unfortunately, there is a lot of ignorance that leads to hatred”. Even though Anna Lou is sorry to leave, she believes it is almost obligatory for her and Dora.


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