Artist Malpoli: Seen as rude by Florent Pagny & Vanessa Paradis.


Florent Pagny’s Relationship History

Before forming a solid and united clan with his wife Azucena, and their two children, Inca and Ael, Florent Pagny had been in a relationship with other women in the past, including Vanessa Paradis.

A Year in Paris

When he was 27 and she was 16, they lived together for three years, at one point in an apartment in Paris. They stayed in this artist’s workshop, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, for a year, a very beautiful year for both of them. Indeed, 1990 marked Florent Pagny’s first album, while the mother of Lily-Rose and Jack Depp released her second with Serge Gainsbourg.

Meeting Serge Gainsbourg

The mythical artist came for dinner one evening and this memory is not soon forgotten by the singer of Caruso. “I was impressed at the thought of having him at my house,” the singer says in his autobiography. He came with a bottle of champagne and his unmistakable Serge Gainsbourg look. But not everything went as planned. “I offered him my hand, but he passed me without saying hello,” Florent Pagny remembers. “In short, Gainsbourg gave me the cold shoulder. It’s funny because obviously I first think: ‘What a rude guy, he comes to see Vanessa and the rest doesn’t interest him’. In reality, here is another character of the great timid kind.”

If Florent Pagny was impressed, Serge Gainsbourg was just as much, according to him. “And since we had never met, he was waiting for Vanessa to make the introductions… In the old-fashioned way!” writes the former The Voice coach, now suffering from cancer. And finally, the evening takes a completely different turn. “We got along very well afterwards, he called me the little cinocheux. When Gainsbourg loved you, you could feel it. I sang for him on a show dedicated to him, his reggae song Aux armes et caetera. ‘He punched me in the ass,’ he said on the show, ‘he’s a perfectionist… He found a melody on my talk over, it’s beautiful…’ Ah, it’s a moment that stays with me, that one,” Pagny concludes, about this amazing meeting.


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