Aurelie Vaneck (Plus belle la vie): Explains Unique Daughter’s Name Choice.


Aurélie Vaneck: Celebrating 40 Years

If her face is not unfamiliar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen her grow up for more than ten years in the successful series Plus belle la vie. A recurring character between 2004 and 2014, Aurélie Vaneck then sailed towards new professional horizons before making a few appearances in 2019 and 2022. Today, with the definitive end of the series, the pretty blonde who is celebrating her 40th birthday today is more discreet… On social networks, however, she is a little more active and continues to share her life as a mother with her 77,400 subscribers. She often talks about her two daughters: Liberté (born in January 2009) and Charlie (born in November 2015).

Choosing the Name Liberté

If the famous interpreter of Ninon Chaumette rarely talks about her partner Sébastien Alquier, a double bassist by profession and father of her two daughters, she is less reticent to the idea of talking about her role as a mother. In an exclusive interview with Purefamille in September 2012, the actress had explained why she and her beloved had chosen the name Liberté for their first daughter. An original choice that immediately pleased the father but which was not necessarily a love at first sight for her. “I was more dubitative and I hesitated because we tell ourselves that it is a difficult name to bear…”, she then explained at first. But eventually, over time, Aurélie Vaneck ended up finding this name very poetic and finally decided to give it to her daughter. “By thinking about it, it became obvious. It’s actually a very sweet name. And it’s a beautiful message because freedom is what we try to conquer all our lives!”, she then added.

A Determined Little Girl

And it seems that the little girl, who is now a 14-year-old teenager, has quickly adopted her name that fits her perfectly. At only 4 years old, she already showed great independence and an iron will. “She is determined, she knows what she wants! Like me, she has a fighter’s energy and she knows where she’s going. She’s not the kind of little girl who cries when she falls! She gets up laughing and prefers to do things on her own, without the help of her parents!”, Aurélie Vaneck had declared, very proud of her offspring.


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