Ion Aramendi: Hypnotizing Baby Marieta in Funny Video


The Perfect Tandem of Ion Aramendi and Marieta

Ion Aramendi and his baby, Marieta, have a great time together and have a great complicity between them! The truth is that both of them star in very funny moments together, they are the perfect tandem.

The Hypnotizing Voice of Ion Aramendi

On this occasion, the presenter has shared a funny video in which he appears with his baby Marieta, “hypnotizing” her! We show you the video that his wife, María Amores, has posted on her social networks! Ion Aramendi boasts of his family, like no one else! Whenever he can share his most family and funny plans, he does it on social networks and, as we see, between father and baby they have a lot of complicity, have you seen the advertisement they have recorded together for television? Marieta, almost a year old, is very close to her father, so much so that the presenter has managed to “hypnotize” her with his voice through a small speaker. The little one was surprised to hear her progenitor through the device. Look at the video! Sitting in her high chair, just getting up and having breakfast, she looks at the speaker very strangely, do you think she recognizes Ion’s voice?

Family Plans and Charity Races

Marieta is very big for her 11 months! Ion Aramendi and his family participate in a charity race. The family loves to do plans together, like this weekend, when they participated in a charity race. What funny athletes!


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