Belén De Martino: Why Is Summer’s Most Tormented Love Story?


A Tale of Troubled Love

What would summer be without a bit of healthy and spicy gossip? A succession of hot days with nothing to read under the umbrella to take a break from thinking. Fortunately, Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are back again, confirming themselves as our Harry and Meghan of the summer season with their very troubled love story. They break up, they let go, they get back together, they get married, they love each other, they hate each other, they betray each other. She kisses him who kisses her who kisses who knows, we don’t have a clue, but we are sure we want to know. Because we are all there, gasping under the sun while we follow them to know what will be the next twist of the never-ending story that intertwines their lives lived under the spotlights.

A New Relationship

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been more than ten years going on like this, since, in 2012, he left his then girlfriend for the Argentine showgirl, under the sky of an obviously not particularly friendly edition of Amici. It was spring, and the hot summer of the new couple ignited the gossip with bets on how long it would last. The romantics won, against all odds: in September 2013 the wedding between Stefano and Belén arrived (after another summer of preparations and chit-chat) and in April of the same year, a year after the start of the relationship, the little Santiago arrived too.

A Second Breakup

The (first) break between the two comes unexpectedly and out of season: in December 2015, after two years of marriage, Belén and Stefano De Martino announce their separation. “The mutual esteem and affection will remain unchanged and the common will to maintain a serene relationship, also in the interest of the child”, it reads in the official statement released by the couple, and in fact it seems to be totally true. So much so, that after the parenthesis of a relationship with the motorcycle pilot Andrea Iannone, Stefano and Belén try again a second time in 2019. It’s April again, the month in which evidently a sort of biological alarm clock goes off in the couple, with perfect timing that allows us to enjoy, once again, the gossip of the summer. This time it is romantic and sweet, and to the cry of “We have already made a mistake, now we will stay together forever” the couple greets another year, another beautiful season and then, in the end, they also greet the love found again: autumn 2020 arrives, and with it the announcement of a new break up. He is not a faithful type, it is said and she makes it clear without many turns of words. But it must be said that it is always her who appears with a new man after the goodbye. Yet, Belén and Stefano – in the fullness of their very troubled love – had explicitly declared their intention to give a brother or sister to Santiago. In the end it will be her to do it, in 2021, with the arrival of a second daughter – Luna Marì – born from the relationship with Antonio Spinalbese.


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