Belén Esteban debuts as YouTuber, clashes with Kiko Matamoros


Belén Esteban’s YouTube Debut

The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ has been the last guest of the ‘Club 113’ channel, a very popular channel led by three famous streamers. In the interview she has talked about what happens behind the cameras in ‘Sálvame’ and, in addition to revealing her friendships and enmities within the program, she has uttered an insult to her colleague Kiko Matamoros.

Belén Esteban’s Short Fuse

“I have had 10 press cars at my house,” Belén said when asked about how she deals with paparazzi. One of the interviewers suggested that she stop responding so that they wouldn’t follow her day after day, something she didn’t see as a possibility. “It’s very difficult because I have a very short fuse. When you start to listen, to listen… I answer.” The collaborator has said that this also applies to the studio. “Jorge Javier Vázquez is one of the people who knows me best, and when he lights my fuse, he knows I jump.” That said, he’s not the only one: “Kiko Matamoros, who is a jerk, with all due respect, who I love, knows how to get to me, and I jump,” she said, provoking laughter from her interviewers. “I’m not a person who keeps quiet. I jump, and I jump angrily. Many times I have put my foot in it, but other times I have been right,” she confessed.

Belén Esteban’s Love of Memes

Of course, she knows that she is fodder for comments on the networks, something she admits she likes. “I love memes. I have a lot of them. My husband sends them to me, and my family.” We leave you with some of the best Belén Esteban memes that, to this day, continue to circulate without stopping. Belén Esteban has also revealed that, contrary to the popular belief that ‘Sálvame’ is scripted, this is not the case. “They tell us the topics, they give us the script with the videos… and they don’t tell us what you have to say,” she assured, making it clear that if arguments arise, it is because there are sincere clashes of opinion that were not previously agreed upon.


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