Blas Cantó relationship: My boyfriend is the best person I’ve ever met.


Rebellious, Free and Sincere

Rebellious, free and sincere, on June 2, Blas Cantó, 31 years old, releases ‘The Prince’, an album that shows that he has overcome the emotional slump he was going through. “With the years, I had gotten used to behaving in a very correct way, without going off the rails. But now I’m more rebellious,” he told us. SOON: Did you feel constrained, acted? BLAS CANTÓ: My friends said I spoke like a presenter. I don’t know when I got used to turning into a prince. Now I want to show that princes come in many colors. And if I disappoint, it’s okay.

Love is Feeling Peace

P.: You have never hidden your sexuality, but you have never pronounced yourself either… B.C.: Now I speak more freely because I have realized that nothing is so important and I am calm. The other day I was talking to Dángelo, my boyfriend, and I said: “Love is feeling peace”. The butterflies are anxiety to know if they want you or not. P.: How long have you been together? B.C.: We will be celebrating 10 years next year. He is the best person I have ever known. P.: You compose together. B.C.: Yes, although he has his own projects and he doesn’t like to get involved with my things.

Traveling to America

P.: What professional plans do you have? B.C.: I want to travel to America and write for others to sing my songs.


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