Carla Barber’s surgery leaves her with a hole in the palate.


Putting an End to Problems

Carla Barber has just undergone surgery to put an end to a problem she has been dealing with since her first pregnancy. After the birth of her second son, Bosco, the aesthetic doctor has been operated on for a pyogenic granuloma, a lesion composed of vascular tissue that often appears in children and pregnant women and that can bleed easily.

Surgery and Recovery

The former ‘Survivor’ contestant has shared with her followers the details of this intervention and has admitted that she did not give much importance to some bleedings she had in a specific area of her gum. After noticing how they increased after her second pregnancy, she realized that it was not normal and took advantage of a review to see what it could be about. After getting the diagnosis, they had to do a small surgery on the same visit. Her father was in charge of assisting her in it, in which he had to remove a certain part of the bone in order to improve it. “My father had to resect all the granuloma by scraping mucosa and bone,” she explained about some images not suitable for sensitive people, in which she showed how her palate had been left after the intervention. After showing the worrying image of the hole, Carla has reassured her followers and explained that she will recover soon. “Now I have a hole in the palate that will close little by little by itself, but I have lost quite a bit of bone,” she lamented in another story.

Following Up on the Recovery

A few hours before, the former Miss Spain had had a small incident with a hotel where she was going to stay, but had to go back to her home earlier due to management problems. “Today is not my day,” she concluded, exhausted. Fortunately, this Tuesday she updated her followers and revealed that she was feeling better. “My mouth is fine, my hole does not hurt. I left my mom and sister at home with the babies, I have things to do,” she explained in an Instagram story. In addition, she also took the opportunity to make a review with her father to see how the hole was progressing and he confirmed that “it is healing great and very fast”.


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