Carmen Borrego, Rafa Mora: New TV Job for Carmen Borrego


Carmen Borrego’s Professional Project

On Friday we lived a very entertaining ‘Deluxe’. Isa Pantoja and Asraf Beno sat in the program to talk about their relationship, the model’s passage through ‘Survivors 2023’ and the wedding that will take place in October. In addition, Lydia Lozano was subjected to the ‘polideluxe’ and left all the collaborators open-mouthed with their answers. But Rafa Mora has dropped a bomb, and that is that Carmen Borrego has work in another television channel.

Pilar Vidal’s Professional Signing

Maria Patiño started the night congratulating Pilar Vidal for her signing in ‘And now Sonsoles’ and joked with her calling her ‘pluriempleada’.

Carmen Borrego’s Professional Opportunities

However, it was not until midnight when Rafa Mora, in a slip, made a comment that hints at the signing of Carmen Borrego in the competition channel. After the end of ‘Sálvame’, many of the collaborators are looking for new professional opportunities, but what has not yet been revealed (despite being speculated on social networks) is what will happen with Terelu Campos’ sister. His colleague Rafa gave us a little light. At a time when the collaborator wanted to talk, but his companions did not let him, he expressed his concern for not being able to show his opinion and being stepped on by Pilar and Carmen … “You are pluriempleadas, leave the others,” he said in a low voice. In this way, it could be that Carmen has already found a new professional project in the same chain or, like Pilar, in Antena 3 with Susanna Griso or Sonsoles Ónega … for this, we will have to wait a few days and she herself confirms or not the news.


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