Caroline Cellier: Passionate Relationship with Legendary Actor – “The Dishes Flew!”


Caroline Cellier’s Passing

On December 15, 2020, Caroline Cellier passed away. At 75 years old, she succumbed to the effects of cancer, as announced by her son Nicolas Poiret. He is none other than the son of the actress and Jean Poiret, also a great actor. Together, they formed a passionate couple at one time.

The Relationship Between Jean Poiret and Caroline Cellier

While Caroline Cellier would have celebrated her birthday this Monday, August 7, her son Nicolas had confided in Télé Star in 2016 about this idyll. Born in November 1978, he was the privileged witness of this incredible love story. “They spoke the same language, her and my father. There was something very Latin, very passionate and passionate (between them),” he said. The son of Caroline Cellier and Jean Poiret had also made known the wild disputes that sometimes took place between his parents. Not without a hint of irony, he added: “The dishes flew a little bit from time to time.” The couple decided to get married in 1989, after twenty-four years of history. A wedding that took place in the very chic 16th arrondissement of Paris.

The Loss of Jean Poiret and Caroline Cellier’s Tribute

However, the happiness under the marriage regime was short-lived as on March 14, 1992, the actor died as a result of a heart attack, at the age of 65, at the Foch Hospital in Suresnes (92). Very affected by the loss of his mother, in the December 24, 2020 edition of Gala, Nicolas Poiret had accepted to pay tribute to her. The author of theater and screenwriter agreed to open up about their so close relationship, and about this mother not like the others, but also once again about the relationship of his parents, so singular. “She was a rock’n’roll mom. What you can see of her on screen is quite faithful to what she was in life. A mixture of sweet madness, mystery, but also of outbursts of anger in the face of injustice, for example, of laughter, too. She was an extremely funny mother,” he confided. Who had a passionate, passionate and passionate relationship with the three men in her life, that is, my grandfather Hubert, my father and me. She was the Mediterranean in all her strength, like Carmen. When I was a child, the atmosphere at home was sometimes absurd (…). Dad was the love of her life. She often talked to me about this connivance they had, this instant connection. “Before the breast cancer took her away, seven years after she had already beaten it, mother and son had time to talk. “In my misfortune, I had the chance to be able to do this accompaniment, to be able to say everything I had to say to her, to express all my tenderness (…). Death did not scare her, so a kind of serenity had been established and continues to accompany me,” he said. Caroline Cellier was buried alongside her husband Jean Poiret, at Montparnasse Cemetery.


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