Luca Murphy: From Teen Idol to Film Writer


Luca Murphy: From Teen Idol to Digievoluzione

Monica Cruz (Penelope’s younger sister) has brought back teen musical dramas, just these days. It’s the magic of Netflix that, 20 years later, makes the kids dance to the notes of the Spanish series Paso Adelante. The same fate is involving a project made in Italy, Maggie & Bianca – Fashion Friends. We heard from Luca Murphy, who played Quinn. The 36-year-old Italian-English has become a teen idol, thanks to Provaci Ancora Prof! but above all thanks to Mia and me, alongside Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Game of Thrones). This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

From Acting to Writing: Luca’s Digievoluzione

From that moment on, Luca Murphy has not stopped working a day (as the more than 110 thousand followers on Instagram know): TV and cinema first of all, but he has also released a book, a sort of autobiographical comedy, Il Liceo Classico Deve Morire (Baldini + Castoldi). What has happened in his life after the book? “I call it ‘digievoluzione’, in Pokemon style“. Does he still consider himself an actor? “In the same measure as always, so not 100%. In reality I do not come from this world, but at the first audition I did by chance, for Mia and Me, they took me. Practically a rarity, given that according to an American calculation, they take you to an audition after having failed 60”.

Luca’s Second Adolescence

With Maggie and Bianca he became a teen star who filled theatres and squares in the series’ concert tour. Not to mention the merchandising with his face. What does he remember of that crowd? “For me it was surprising and unexpected, after all I was 28 years old but I was playing a fifteen-year-old. I lived a second adolescence, electrifying but also alienating at the same time. At the meet & greet the parents of the participants were my peers and thinking about it today makes me tender”. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. He couldn’t go around without being recognized even in Florence, where he lives? “Nowhere, even yesterday at the airport they asked me for selfies, under the astonished gaze of the people present. I have the so-called babyface that allows me not to change too much and to be recognizable, even with sunglasses and regulation cap. For me it is always strange, while friends consider it hilarious. Even today I avoid eating downtown, because there is always a new audience at each performance”. What happened when he left home at the time of the recordings? “Every time I was chased because some fans figured out where I lived from the pictures I posted on social media. The strangest thing? When they followed me to the beach”.


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