Diego Matamoros on Parenting Plans with Marta Riumbau


Lovebirds Said “I Do”

On June 2nd, Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Álamo said “I do” at the Basilica of San Miguel, in Madrid. The two lovebirds put the finishing touch on more than four years of relationship and showed off their happiness to all the guests, who did not want to miss the ceremony. There we could see their children, except Anita Matamoros, with whom the ‘Sálvame’ presenter seems to be recovering contact, but who did not attend the celebration of this special date.

Giant Steps Towards Marriage

Diego Matamoros was one of the last to arrive at the religious ceremony and did so accompanied by his girlfriend, the influencer Marta Riumbau, with whom he is gradually taking giant steps. Yes, giant steps. Both already live in a dream house that has been the project of months and which is finally starting to be to their liking. That same day, the young woman answered if she would be willing to go to the altar with Diego and confessed that “we have talked about it” but that “maybe a child before a wedding”. These statements had no repercussion, but after talking with Diego Matamoros they make more sense than ever.

Planning the Next Step

The son of Matamoros attended the presentation of ‘Flash’ this week and there he spoke to Europa Press and assured that he would like to be a father before remarrying: “let’s see, I have already married, I have divorced, Marta has married, divorced… maybe I kneel, but before that I have a child”. In this way, it seems that the next common project of both would be to become parents. Both seem to agree on their priorities and it seems that, after more than a year of relationship, they want to plan to take the next step.


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