Julien Cohen’s Wealth: Rich Before Affaire Conclue, Freely Discusses Fortune


Julien Cohen’s Successful Career

Julien Cohen was one of the first antique dealers to join the show “Affaire Conclue” as a buyer. Even though he left the program in May 2022, he is still very active today, the only difference being that he now enjoys a media notoriety that brings him even more customers than before! Invited on the “TPMP People” show on Saturday, June 10, 2023, he stated that he was doing very well with his job. But don’t tell him that he only makes money from his five years at “Affaire Conclue”! Indeed, Julien Cohen was already making a very good living before becoming famous.

Julien Cohen’s Savvy Business Strategies

“It was them who came to me! That is to say, it was difficult to pass by my shops without coming to me because they are quite big! So when you go to the flea market, if you need someone to do a show, if you are a casting director, you will necessarily go through one of my shops,” he proudly declared. Even though he accepted this role, the antique dealer does not consider being a columnist or “showing his knowledge on TV” to be a job. A position that immediately made Bernard Montiel, himself a columnist every night on “Touche pas à mon poste”, jump. “Well, he shouldn’t have asked for a fee in that case!” he indignantly exclaimed humorously. To which Julien Cohen immediately replied, laughing: “Ah but I didn’t ask for anything and believe me, I didn’t need that fee to live!” A reaction that obviously makes it clear that Karine’s husband is doing very well.

Julien Cohen’s Early Gambling Success

He had already talked about the origin of his fortune in the pages of the magazine Closer in 2020. “As a teenager, I discovered that I excelled at gambling, which are ultimately just games of probability and tactics. At 18, I won my first million at backgammon and every month I won 100,000 francs (15,000 euros),” he explained. By making considerable savings, he then decided to start his own business which quickly took off! “I don’t care what people think. In France, it is shameful to make money and show it. In Miami there are Lamborghinis and Porsches on every corner, guys with big gold watches and sculptural naked girls… I love this vision of the world,” he then concluded, proud of his success. However, he has listed two of his companies on the stock exchange and he would like, why not, to buy a chain or a production company… Ambitious!


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