Divorce Totti-Blasi: Last gossip: Noemi Bocchi may be summoned to court.


Stormy Divorce Between Totti and Blasi

It seems that the stormy divorce between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi is about to be enriched with a new and juicy chapter. His current girlfriend, Noemi Bocchi, according to the weekly magazine Oggi could be summoned to court on the next 20th of September during the hearing in which the “Captain” and the former wife will clash for the attribution of the responsibility of the divorce. The TV presenter recently presented a formal request for debiting, claiming that the marriage with Totti ended because of him who was cheating on her with Noemi.

Totti’s Lawyers Claim Ilary Was the First to Cheat

So, writes Oggi, Bocchi could be called to the courtroom precisely to clarify her involvement in the separation of the former most beloved couple of Rome. But since Francesco’s lawyers argue that Ilary was the first to cheat, in addition to Noemi, on the next 20th of September “people who, according to Totti, had flirts with the former wife” could also be summoned. In particular, two men have been associated with Blasi, now engaged to Bastian Muller, in recent months: the actor Luca Marinelli and the personal trainer Cristiano Iovino. Totti has always maintained, even outside the courtrooms, that he was not the first to betray.

Totti Collected Evidence to Bring to Court

In September 2022, in a famous interview with Corriere della Sera, he explained that his story with Noemi began after New Year’s Eve 2022, and that what caused the break with Blasi were the compromising messages he had discovered, months before, on the cell phone of the former wife. “I was not the first to betray. A year ago, it was summer, more people I trust told me “look, Ilary has another man”, or rather more precisely. I didn’t want to believe it. But then I discovered everything. In twenty years that we have been together I had never taken her phone and she had never done it either. But people I trust had told me this. So I had doubts and I looked. And yes, there was someone else”. According to what Corriere della Sera reports, the Pupone has already collected all the evidence to bring to court: photos and testimonies that would confirm everything. Including the names of the men with whom Ilary Blasi had betrayed him. If the new rumors are true, these men, as well as Noemi Bocchi, could be summoned to the courtroom precisely on the day when the former spouses will try to blame each other for the failure of the marriage.


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