Happy 80th Birthday Robert De Niro: Celebrating Hollywood Giant!


The Versatility of Robert De Niro

Recently, Robert De Niro has been both a “wild grandpa” and an “unexpected intern”. Not that there was any need for confirmation of the versatility of Robert De Niro, twice Oscar-winning (8 nominations), who will turn 80 on August 17th, but it is nice to see him in both sculpted roles (the first) and rom-coms (the second case).

Birthday Wishes for Robert De Niro

However, birthday wishes are doubled because he has just become a father for the seventh time: Gia was born in April from his relationship with 45-year-old martial arts champion Tiffany Chen. Even though she had post-partum complications due to Bell’s paralysis, which causes the loss of control over facial muscles: “When I got home – explains Tiffany Chen – I started to feel that my tongue was strange, it was tingling a bit, it was starting to become insensitive. I realized that my face was strange, as if it were melting on itself“. A few months later (July 2), moreover, the news of the death of his nineteen-year-old nephew Leandro (the only son of his daughter Drena) arrived. It is definitely a complicated period for this round figure celebration that will have a bitter aftertaste.

A Turbulent Love Life

Robert De Niro’s love life, who also holds Italian citizenship (his father had Irish and Italian origins), looks like a roller coaster. If taken in a broad sense, this phrase also refers to the affection of the parents: the father was taken away from home after coming out and at the time the actor was just two years old. In terms of love, however, the Oscar winner has had decidedly turbulent sentimental ties. He has been married twice, first to actress Diahnne Abbott in 1976 (it lasted 12 years and he adopted her children Raphael and Drena), and then in 1997 to philanthropist Grace Hightower, from whom he divorced in 2018, after an intermediate separation, a renewal of the vows and two children (Elliot and Helen, born through gestation for others) In the middle, the model girlfriend Toukie Smith conceived in vitro two twins, Julian and Aaron. The life of the artist itself seems like a movie, which always changes genre: he has had health problems (prostate cancer), and, unfortunately, a certain familiarity with the courts for cases brought by him or against him. The last one in chronological order, in 2019, concerns that of an employee to whom he had asked for a compensation of 6 million for violating the terms of the contract by spending time on Netflix. Graham Chace Robinson, that is the name of the woman, in turn sued him for gender discrimination. In Hollywood, there is a rumor that he has a rather irritable character. When I met him in London, almost ten years ago, for an interview with him and the other protagonist of the film, he interrupted halfway through the first answer and said: “Hey, did you ask her the same question?”


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