Pola Petrenko leaves “Ici tout commence”: Complicated exit, production in turmoil!


The Intrigues of Ici Tout Commence

For several years, the intrigues of Ici tout commence have been keeping faithful viewers of the Une on the edge of their seats. In addition to the scenarios, the cast seems to have been a hit with the public. Many actors have brilliantly proved themselves in front of the camera.

Pola Petrenko’s Departure

Just like Pola Petrenko who has lent her features to Charlène Teyssier for three years! But this Thursday, August 17, 2023, her character announced to her loved ones her departure. On the same date, the actress also confirmed to our colleagues from Figaro TV Magazine that she was indeed leaving the famous saga. The opportunity for her to discuss without filter this carefully considered choice but which also surprised the production. “It was a bit complicated … Although my resignation was requested a long time ago, more than six months ago, it was an organizational challenge,” revealed Pola Petrenko. And to add: “I think it was complicated to separate from the characters, especially Charlène and Théo, in terms of writing. Charlène’s sudden departure is an event that allows for an easy reintroduction of the character”.

Pola Petrenko’s Future Projects

Full of this beautiful adventure, the actress nevertheless wishes to embark on other projects. “It is for me to turn the page of my character after three years of interpretation. Since the series is daily and broadcast on television, the proximity that we develop with our public is very strong,” acknowledged Pola Petrenko before emphasizing: “I am far from being like my character and I am afraid of falling into symbiosis in the eyes of viewers who tend to make the amalgam between actor and character (…)”. Fans can rest assured, the star had a “blast” on the set: “There is nothing more enjoyable than playing a villain role. I had the pleasure and happiness to play this role full of strength and facets but which is characteristically completely opposite to me”. However, no question for her to “lock herself into this character”. “That’s where the sensitive rope of this job is: knowing how to retire in time,” added Pola Petrenko philosophically. During this interview, the main person concerned nevertheless made it known that she could make her big comeback in the series in the future. “It’s not goodbye, just goodbye. We can’t talk about ‘definitive departure’ when we have such a strong attachment after so many years (…),” said the Franco-Russian.


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