Eleonora Abbagnato: Marriage? Free Day?


A Couple with a Complicated Agenda

We tried not to stand out. At first we didn’t go out together, then we started to see each other discreetly. At that time I was in Paris, he was in Palermo. We talked on the phone, we exchanged messages, although now we don’t have so many, because we are always together.

The Special One

I had another story with a footballer (Rolando Bianchi, ed.), and after that I preferred to stay away from the category. But he is special, and I trust him”. You are serious. F.B. “I’m happy that we have the same intentions. She says I’m too good, naive, but I just try to have a positive approach to people. This is the deformation of those who work in a team: if I spent time criticizing others, I couldn’t be part of a group.

The Right Sensitivity

I liked his sincerity, but after so many disappointments I went cautiously. And then I did not like blondes. We exchanged numbers. Not long after my grandmother died, and Federico sent me a wonderful message. I understood that we had the same idea of family. And I put him to the test”. So, now you are getting married. E.A. “Yes, I’m in love. He has the right sensitivity to share a life. It seems to me that I have known him forever, we have two characters that fit well together. We opened up and told each other everything”.


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