Emi Huelva remembers Elena with shared moments.


Living Without Elena Huelva’s Sister

2023 has been the hardest year of Emi’s life, Elena Huelva’s sister. On January 3rd, the young influencer died, victim of a Ewing’s Sarcoma, leaving her family broken with grief and her sister lonelier than ever. Emi has had to get used to keep on living without having her sister Elena by her side, whom she hasn’t stopped remembering since the day of her death.

A Book Dedicated to Her Sister

In fact, last July, the young girl even published a book dedicated to her. Now, in a Q&A session in her social media, Elena Huelva’s sister has talked about everything that reminds her of her every day.

Everything Reminds Her of Elena

Emi speaks of what she misses the most of Elena Huelva. When a follower asked her what reminds her of Elena in her daily life, the young girl is clear: “Everything“. “Eating in the living room, watching a series, a song, buying clothes, seeing Nora, eating something that she liked, eating popcorn, any Tik Tok, some nice phrase I read, photos, videos… I couldn’t enumerate it all”, Emi wrote, very emotional.


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