Eugenia & Narcis Dance Fun Surprise


The Perfect Tandem

Married since 2017, Narcís Rebollo and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo are one of the best-matched and most beloved couples in Spain. Last year they surprised everyone by renewing their vows in Las Vegas and dressed as the protagonists of Grease and now they have given us some fun photographs again.

A Sweet Dance in Cadiz

In the photographs, they are seen enjoying a sweet dance on a rooftop on the Cadiz coast, where they are spending a few days of vacation and relaxation. Eugenia and Narcís do not lack passion when they dance. This summer they have chosen Cadiz to disconnect for a few days and have confirmed with a very salty dance what we already knew: that they form a perfect tandem.

Discover the Best Photos

Discover the best photos of the couple during their holidays in the new Magazine.


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