Eva Isanta’s son, 20, clarifies his professional future.


Eva Isanta Denies Her Son Will Follow in Her Footsteps

Eva Isanta has denied that her son will dedicate himself, like her, to the world of interpretation. The actress of ‘La que se avecina’ has been very surprised by the latest information and has wanted to clarify everything. “That’s not true,” she replied when asked about her “actor” son. “Nothing further from the truth. I was sent it but it made me laugh a lot, and him too,” she said, smiling, but making it clear that her son Alex will not follow in her footsteps.

Eva’s Journey to Becoming an Actress

Although she has not specified what he will dedicate himself to, she has said that “what he has chosen and what he has wanted, which is the important thing”. Eva Isanta has also said that she swam against the current with her family to become an actress. “I chose my own thing, and my parents almost died of disgust. They still tell me, ‘daughter, finish some career, you have started two and you have not finished any’. At least I do what I like and I have fulfilled a dream, which I never thought I would be here, and here I am”.

Eva’s Love for José Luis Gil

In addition, the actress has spoken of her beloved colleague José Luis Gil. “José Luis is our bastion, he was the cornerstone that has always been there. Let’s see if he can join us before we finish, it would be wonderful, a gift for us”. In addition, she has said that she is still in direct contact with the family. “I’m not annoying, but I talk to his daughter. But it is better to keep a distance because he is very well attended, very well cared for,” she explained.


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