Florent Pagny’s wedding shock: Azucena the mayor couldn’t believe it


Florent Pagny Does Things His Own Way

Over time, one thing has become clear: Florent Pagny does things his own way. Despite thinking he was in remission and out of danger, Pagny was surprised to find out that cancer was still a threat, and his decisions against his doctors’ advice are partly to blame. “It’s a bit my fault,” he admitted to the cameras of Sept à Huit. This desire to do things his own way has been mentioned before, even on much happier occasions.

Surprising His Fiancée With A Wedding

One of his decisions shocked the mayor who married him and Azucena Caamaño. This is what the singer recounts in the pages of his autobiography Florent par Pagny. It was in the spring of 2006 that the former Voice coach married Azucena. “She was the first to be surprised, as she was the last to know,” he shares in his book. Indeed, as always, he decided to announce his desire to marry during an interview on Valentine’s Day. A real scoop for the journalist who interviewed him that day and of course for the future Mrs. Pagny. “In the end, it was an original way to ask his fiancée to marry him,” he admits. And it was an “intimate” and “ultra-joyful” wedding, with very few guests. Kad Merad, a close friend of Florent Pagny who he chose as his witness, took Azucena to the town hall, while she was divine in a turquoise dress. The bride, on the other hand, chose her friend Paola as her witness. And while the mayor and his team were expecting a crowd to arrive, and had taken precautions by setting up barriers everywhere, imagine their surprise…

A Memorable Day For The Newlyweds

“There’s nobody!” recalls the interpreter of Caruso, who had a past romance with Vanessa Paradis. “And for good reason, we didn’t invite anyone. No one was warned. Everything is fine, we can start, we are complete. The mayor couldn’t believe it, we are seven – a good number according to what I know. So we’ll stop there. After the ceremony, we return to our house as a married couple where some friends are waiting for us for a simple and cheerful wedding lunch,” he added. A day that will forever be memorable for the newlyweds and those who united them.


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