Near death experience: José Manuel Parada admits he was close to death.


Realizing the Importance of Health

On April 28th, José Manuel Parada set off all the alarms when he posted on his Instagram profile that he was hospitalized. The journalist confessed that “the worst is over” and that the reason he was admitted was because “I have been operated on” and that “everything went well and now I just have to rest and recover as soon as possible to thank you all for so much affection”.

Recovery Process After Surgery

Europe Press has been able to speak exclusively with José Manuel Parada and he has spoken frankly about his latest health problem for which he had to be operated on: “it was worrying because getting into an operating room is never something that cheers you up and makes you feel good, quite the opposite, I had been trying to avoid surgery for a problem I had for three years but there came a time when there was no other choice, I took courage, I said goodbye and I said: ‘You never know’, if I don’t come out I have fulfilled in life, I have done the things I wanted to do’. Regarding how everything went, José Manuel acknowledged us that “everything went well, I had a long convalescence, I was a month between the hospital and home and today that I was discharged and I can do a normal activity, I start working, I start a new stage of my life”.

The Power of Public Health

So much so that he assured us that this fact in particular has not managed to change his life, but to realize “that the most important, as grandmothers said, is health. Also the song said, three things there are in life, health, money and love. It is very well put in that order”. Finally, Parada, who currently has a tense relationship with his ex Chelo García-Cortés, took the opportunity to send a message of support to the public health of Madrid: “as there is absolutely nothing like health, now that so much is being talked about health, I have to say that they have done the tests, I have been operated on, I have done the recovery, all in the public health, there are many people who criticize it I have done it in Madrid and I am delighted, I am very proud of the public health that we have in this city where I have lived for so many years”.


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