Giorgia Meloni liked by Arisa. Rights debate then erupts, her reply follows.


Arisa’s Controversial Statements

She has been the godmother of Pride in both Naples in 2021 and Padua twelve months ago, and this year she will participate in the events in Rome and Milan. Yet, a few days before the rainbow celebrations, Arisa was overwhelmed by a storm of controversy after some sentences released in the program La Confessione: “I like Giorgia Meloni because she has a lot of cazzimma“, she said, “I know this will go against me”. In reality, regardless of the declarations of esteem and sympathy, some considerations on the theme of Lgtqia+ rights have ended up in the spotlight. “The Prime Minister’s positions are not too open, to put it mildly,” reminded journalist Peter Gomez. “It’s true, but I think she behaves like a very strict and very scared mother,” the singer from Potenza immediately highlighted. “A mother who has four children and has to do the good of all. I think we need a change of attitude on our part,” added the artist. “Not always of struggle, but of dialogue. Whoever does a certain path develops a greater sensitivity, we must have the patience to explain it to her too. She is a person who can bring us to high levels: we need someone who has cazzimma and is on our side”.

Replicas on the Web

There were many replicas on the web, more or less intense, the most prominent being that of Vladimir Luxuria: “Dear Arisa, a mother can be sweet or strict, but she must be so with all her children, not making children and stepchildren leaving behind one of her children only because it is different from the others and treating it like an ugly duckling,” reads the tweet of the former parliamentarian. “That is not strict, it is an unfair mother”. So, in a new Instagram live, there was the clarification of Arisa, who remembered how she had always exposed herself for the Lgbtqia+ universe, without any commercial gain. “Beware of those who only tell you yes, because those who do it use you. Instead, those who talk to you even at the risk of their own face, really love you. I love much more the people who tell me no, but continue to stay close to me”.

Arisa’s Clarification

Finally, the last chapter took place on Sunday In: “I don’t want to appear as a traitor, a turncoat,” Arisa told Mara Venier. “I have always been on the side of minorities, on the side of rights, of everyone. And I will continue to be so until the last day of my life”.


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