Harry California: Smiling Through Controversy – New Event


Prince Harry’s Commitment to Veterans

Harry was targeted last month when he returned to America after his father’s coronation. Then two weeks ago, he was in the sights of the paparazzi after a chase through the streets of New York. Recently, someone even whispered that he was in crisis with his wife. Harry, for now, has chosen not to reply: he has only spoken in front of the High Court of London to testify in the case against the Mirror Group Newspapers. “I have experienced the hostility of the tabloids, there has never been a truce in the coverage of every detail of my childhood,” the prince told, venting his anger against the indiscretions that have circulated for years, according to which Charles is not his father. “They kept asking me why these rumors were circulating. Did the newspapers want to install doubt in people so that I would be ousted from the royal family?” he asked the judge. Strong words, followed by much more relaxed images of Harry: on Monday, June 12, a few days after his trip to England, he was immortalized at the Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego for the Warriors Games, a sports event – just like the Invictus Games founded by the prince – reserved for veterans who have suffered permanent disabilities in or due to service.

Prince Harry’s Support for Veterans’ Causes

«He sat in the stands to watch a volleyball game,» reads a tweet from the Army Recovery Capability Program, which also shares a photo. Then he posed for a shot with the United States Special Operations Command team, which had just won a medal. After all, Harry’s commitment to these issues has always been strong: he who has seen war up close, participating in two missions in Afghanistan.


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