Harry Meghan become ‘Spencer’: Give up Windsor surname?


The Sussexes Will Change Their Surname

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “will change their surname: from Windsor to Spencer, like Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana”. This was revealed in an interview with GB News by Tom Bower, one of the most experienced writers on the English royal world, and author of the book Revenge: Meghan, Harry And The War Between The Windsors. The dukes, Bower says, have already discussed the implications of their decision with British authorities. And the choice to change name would be an idea of the former actress: “What is really interesting in the re-branding of the Sussexes is that Meghan has decided that her real goal in life is to be the new Diana”.

Low Popularity and Spotify Dumping

Lady D has always been, “in addition to Harry’s obsession, Meghan’s passion”. And so the duchess decided to adopt not only the surname but also the image and ideals of the princess who died in 1997. This move comes, not surprisingly, after a difficult period for the dukes: their popularity, due to Spare – the bombshell book in which Harry attacked the royal family head-on – is at an all-time low not only in England but also in the United States, which initially welcomed them with sympathy. Then, just a few days ago, another setback: Spotify, with which the Sussexes had signed a million-dollar contract, dumped Meghan Markle. Her podcast Archetypes, due to its lack of success, will not have a second season. As if that weren’t enough, a heavy accusation has been poured on Harry’s wife: she would have deceived her listeners by proposing false interviews. Given the atmosphere, Markle thought it was time to remodel her and her husband’s image.

Re-branding in the Footsteps of Princess Diana

And the re-branding in the footsteps of the beloved Princess Diana must have seemed like a great move. Starting with the surname, which will replace the one adopted by the Royal Family more than a hundred years ago. Specifically in 1917, when Elizabeth II’s grandfather George V chose it during World War I instead of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the controversial family name (too German). If the Sussexes really say goodbye to the historic royal surname, and maybe even to their duke title, the break with the royal family will reach its climax. And for Charles III, according to royal observers, it will be the latest blow. But it seems that the news will not make Diana’s relatives happy either. Including Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, who has also shown his support to his nephew Harry during his recent testimony in the trial against British tabloids. Petronella Wyatt, a well-known columnist for her ties to the royal family, quickly made it clear: Charles Spencer will not like the idea of a Meghan Spencer, “the new Diana” at all. In fact: “He will be furious”.


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