Isabel Pantoja, facing vision loss in one eye.


Isabel Pantoja’s Eye Problem

Problems do not give the flamenco singer a break, although, in this case, everything seems to be going well. Isabel Pantoja suffered a serious eye problem that even made her consider canceling her concerts in the United States. “It started before her American tour and she was about to suspend it due to an infection in her left eye“. It started with redness and inflammation until the pain became unbearable and she had to take measures. She has been treated in Córdoba for weeks, every Thursday, and under medical supervision she was able to make the tour. She could not move her head, dance, make turns or sudden movements. She almost lost complete vision in her left eye,” explained Antonio Rossi on ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’.

Medical Help and Professionalism

Thanks to the help of a friend of hers, an ophthalmologist, they were able to stop the problem in time. Isabel’s professionalism, as well as the good treatment she received, allowed her to continue with the plans she already had, something that surely all the fans who filled the concerts of the Andalusian artist appreciated. Of course, most of the time she went with her inseparable black glasses due to the discomfort caused by the sun and the spotlights. She made a great effort to fulfill her commitments on the other side of the Atlantic and did not disappoint her audience.

Cause for Concern

What is currently a cause for concern is that the infection reappears. And although she is already 80% of vision, she would not like to have these problems again in the concerts she has already closed this year. Don’t miss all the details in the new Magazine.


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