Jacqueline’s Love: In Love Without a Kiss


Love at First Sight

For over two years, Niccolò Moriconi, 27, known as Ultimo, has been in a relationship with Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, 23, the second daughter of Heather Parisi. And now, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, he has spoken for the first time about his girlfriend, revealing how they met: “I saw a picture of a jacket designed by her, with a patch in the shape of a guitar, and I wrote: ‘Do you want to be the guitarist of my next tour?’. We met up in Trastevere, the neighborhood where she was born. I arrived with a backpack and four beers. We talked all evening, it had been a while since I had spent a normal evening. The next day she was leaving for America”. It was love at first sight between Jacqueline and the singer-songwriter: “We had fallen in love without ever having kissed. She has a naturalness, a cheerfulness, a way of being invisible to most. I wanted to understand what was hidden behind her. So as soon as it was possible, I joined her in America”.

A Long Relationship

Since then they have never left each other. And thanks to her, the singer has left behind the painful breakup with his longtime girlfriend Federica Lelli, who has not left his life. The girl, in fact, appears in the documentary film about Ultimo entitled Vivo coi sogni appesi, which will be released tomorrow (May 30th) on Prime: “It was special with her, in a song I remember the 22nd of September, the day I took her to the London Eye… “. Now, however, Ultimo’s heart beats only for Jacqueline. The two officially announced their relationship on Instagram in March 2021 and since then they have given us several couple shots that tell all their love.

Jacqueline’s Roots

Jacqueline, born from the relationship between Heather Parisi and the Roman orthopedic surgeon Giovanni Di Giacomo, lived with her mother in Hong Kong for three years, then deciding to return to Italy in 2013. Today she lives between Rome and Los Angeles and dreams of working in cinema. But lately she has been talked about mainly for a distant polemic with her famous mother. Last March, Jacqueline had revealed in her Instagram Stories that she had not seen her mother for ten years, and Heather had replied via Instagram: “My daughter uses social media for a few extra likes”. The origin of the argument had been a phrase by Parisi about Ultimo, her daughter’s companion. “Am I happy to be Ultimo’s mother-in-law? Whose? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said to Francesca Fagnani during an interview with Belve. A sentence that had unleashed the haters, and Jacqueline herself: “I dissociate myself from anything that has been said,” said the girl: “She knows nothing about my life except through social media like you”.


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