Keen’V divorce: Reasons Revealed Behind Split


Keen’V’s New Album Equilibrium

In early July, Keen’V released his new album entitled Equilibrium. On the occasion of this news, the singer granted an interview to Public, confiding in particular that at the beginning, he did not necessarily plan to release it now. “But it was a way to celebrate my fifteen years of career. It synthesizes better the balance between what Kevin likes to listen to and what Keen’V likes to do. I found the perfect balance, I think, hence the title,” he tells our colleagues.

Love Life and Separation

Speaking of balance, the singer reveals that his love life has none since he recently separated from his partner. The interpreter of J’aimerais trop, let it be known again that he is no longer with his partner. “We are separated. It would have been selfish of me to continue something when I’m never at home. You can’t ask a person who has been with you for more than fifteen years to live with a ghost! That’s not what love is! “, he insists lucidly. Keen’V admits, however, to having doubts about the decision to divorce. “You can never be serene with a decision until you know if you have taken the right one. But you have to make choices “, assures the singer who is a hit on TikTok.

Mental Health and Depression

He also takes this opportunity to talk about his mental health and in particular the difficulty of living with depression. Keen’V admits to having “been surrounded” but feeling alone, even though he concedes that overall he feels better today. Then he insists: “It’s a real illness. But I understood that it came from my head, and try not to feed my fixations! “. Without taboos, the singer who celebrated his 40th birthday at the end of January explains that he has been “helped”. “You can’t cure yourself alone,” he supports. Kévin also details the steps he has taken and those to come: “I read, talked to friends. The next step is therapy, to go further. It’s necessary to know oneself, to love oneself.”


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