Lucas Pouille Robbed at Roland-Garros: Tennis Player Loses Huge Sum


A Difficult Start to the Day

Lucas Pouille has had a difficult start to the day, despite thinking he was getting back on track, only to experience a huge misfortune. The last few years have been particularly difficult for the 29 year old tennis player, who has gone through a period of doubt due to poor results, recurring injuries and a return to relative anonymity.

Family Circle

Yet, Lucas Pouille is a married man, with the beautiful Clémence Bertrand and the couple even had a little girl, named Rose. “It’s quite special to be a father and have to leave so much, to leave so many tasks to the mother, who is often alone because we are absent, we are working. It’s not easy but it’s still the best thing that has ever happened to me in life,” he explained. This family circle certainly allowed him to get back on track and make a great return at Roland-Garros. After successful qualifications, he easily won his first round match. A victory seen as a resurrection for the native of Grande-Synthe (Nord), who unfortunately could not confirm in the second round.

Unfortunate Burglary

Like all other French players and players engaged this year at Roland-Garros, Lucas Pouille has therefore seen his adventure stop quickly and unfortunately for him, he was also the victim of a burglary, if we believe the information from the Journal du Dimanche. Settled in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), the tennis player would have been burgled on June 2nd and according to our colleagues, the perpetrators would have stolen about 600,000 euros. Among the items stolen, there would be jewelry and luxury monsters. For the moment, the burglars have not been arrested, but an investigation is underway.


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