Terelu Campos leaving ‘Sálvame’ after hearing Carmen Borrego talk about her grandson.


Carmen Borrego’s Grandchild’s Birth

Carmen Borrego’s grandchild’s birth is causing a lot of questions. José María Almoguera, Carmen’s son, cut off all ties with her shortly after the leak of audio recordings in which Paola attacked the clan became public, so the news of his daughter-in-law’s admission to the hospital reached him through the media. This distance has been extremely difficult, as although everyone expected the birth of María Teresa Campos’ first grandchild to be enough for mother and son to put aside their differences, it has not been so yet.

Carmen Borrego’s Appointment on ‘Sálvame’

Carmen Borrego has missed her appointment on Monday on ‘Sálvame’, but in spite of her absence, she answered the call live from her sister to thank the support of her colleagues. “I mainly enter to let everyone know that I am very happy to be a grandmother and to thank all the love and support…” she began, but her voice soon broke. Terelu Campos cried and left the ‘Sálvame’ set (Telecinco). Terelu, hearing her sister suffer, passed the phone to Adela González and left the ‘Sálvame’ set to recover. Despite the efforts Carmen has made in recent months to regain her son’s trust, her reconciliation with him has not yet been successful.

Carmen Borrego’s Grandson

“My grandson was born healthy, my son is very happy and I found out that my daughter-in-law was admitted to the ‘Fiesta’ program,” Carmen continued, but she also wanted to emphasize that she did not find out about the birth itself through the media. In fact, Belén confessed that she was “very calm that he also contacted a very important person for you”, hinting that he could have given her the news through María Teresa, the newly converted great-grandmother. Finally, Carmen said goodbye by assuring that she will return to the program on Tuesday and confirming that “I will not go to the hospital, because I consider it a moment that they should enjoy, but I have no doubt that I will meet my grandson”.


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