Maiwenn & Luc Besson: No Longer Intimate


Maïwenn’s Version of the Facts

Facing the journalists of JDD, Maïwenn wanted to restore her version of the facts concerning her now famous altercation with Edwy Plenel. Sincere, she also spoke of her relationship with her ex-husband Luc Besson (father of her daughter Shanna). First love of the director of the movie Jeanne du Barry, there remains an indescribable link between the two former lovers who have managed to keep good relations for the benefit of their daughter.

The Meeting with Marine Turchi

In a tête-à-tête with journalist Marine Turchi, Maïwenn was questioned about the Mediapart investigations into her ex-husband, who was accused of rape by actress Sand Van Roy, a case which ended in a non-lieu. An interview source of anxiety for the director who realizes that the woman in front of her already had a preconceived image of her ex-husband that she will never be able to twist. “She talks about the testimonies of different women and describes to me a man I don’t know. I am no longer intimate with him, we just have cordial relations linked to parenting. I listen carefully. Luc is accused of serious acts, so I allow myself no judgment on the accusations. But I also realize that when I tell her one or two things that don’t go in his favor, she doesn’t take them into account. Despite all this, the meeting went well,” Maïwenn told JDD, taking care to ask the journalist not to appear in the next papers concerning this affair, or at least to be informed 48 hours in advance, for the well-being of her daughter Shanna. “She gives me her agreement,” the filmmaker confides.

The Judicial Police

Another difficult episode for the director of the masterpiece Polisse, her summons to the judicial police in the investigation into Luc Besson. She recounts: “On June 15, 2020, I was summoned to the judicial police. I asked them if I had to go, I prefer to stay out of all this, but they told me it was mandatory, so I went. (…) The commissioner asked me to tell him my whole life with Luc: the meeting, the family dispute, the intimacy, the sexual relations… I had to tell everything, describe everything. I hid nothing, rounded nothing off. My deposition lasted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. without a break. I come out of it wrung out. I don’t know if Luc will read my testimony, I don’t tell him anything, and he has the courtesy not to ask me any questions. Nor does my daughter.” Just when she thought she was done with this affair, her hearing resurfaced seven months later in January 2021 in Paris Match and then in March 2021 in an article that Marine Turchi published without her agreement. Having had the sensation of having suffered “moral rape”, the ex-wife of Joeystarr could not contain her anger when she found herself, by chance, in the same restaurant as Edwy Plenel.


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