Makoke Tudela & Son Javier on Telecinco Reality Show


Kiko Matamoros’ Veto

Gradually we are learning new details about the programs that Mediaset is preparing for the summer season. It seems that the chain is already preparing its new reality and Makoke will be part of it along with her eldest son, Javier Tudela. After Kiko Matamoros’ veto in a certain program, Makoke has managed to make her way into a new format.

Makoke’s New Adventure

An official account explained that this reality will bring together 8 famous couples who will enjoy a vacation in an all-inclusive hotel. It will start broadcasting in June and will be presented by Luján Argüelles. “Traveling as a couple to a paradise… the sun, the sea, the sound of the waves… what can go wrong?” they anticipated.

Kiko Matamoros vs Makoke

Although Makoke and Javier Tudela seem to be the first confirmed, it is also possible that she will reunite with her ex-partner. Some time ago, Kiko Matamoros’ ex and he showed that they had a good relationship, but… will this change in this reality? Kiko Matamoros expressed his opinion after learning that the television personality had given statements against him in an interview. He assured that he was not going to answer her so as not to feed the controversy, since he is “tired” of being “the hanger of her and her eldest son’s media existence”. In addition, Kiko also assured that he is very calm about seeing her again in court, he says he will go “with the truth” in front.


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