Matthieu Lartot cancer: Journalist mourns friend’s death, touching message


Matthieu Lartot Fights Cancer and Mourns Friend’s Death

Bad news has been piling up lately for Matthieu Lartot, who just learned of the death of a good friend of his. On April 18th, the 43 year old journalist announced that he had been diagnosed with a knee cancer. A relapse for the rugby specialist on France Télévisions, who does not intend to give up. He revealed that he will have to take a break from the airwaves to get back in the ring and fight cancer for a second time. Matthieu Lartot has started his treatment, and a few days after the first announcement, he revealed another bad news: that after the chemotherapy, the surgeons will have to amputate his right leg, it’s a matter of survival. He gave himself all summer to get used to his new mobility and to be able to attend the opening match of the World Cup as a supporter of the French XV.

Matthieu Lartot Mourns the Loss of Guillaume Bats

Very popular comedian, Guillaume Bats passed away this Thursday, June 1st. The two men were obviously close since the journalist just shared his sadness in his story, revealing that they had shared a delightful moment and had exchanged a lot since then. The native of Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines) shared a picture of their meeting during the show Ça commence aujourd’hui, adding in the caption: “We had shared a delightful moment that day. Since then, we had exchanged a lot, I was supposed to go see your new show… Have a good journey my friend.” A very sad news for Matthieu Lartot, who mourns the disappearance of Guillaume Bats, with whom he was very close.

Matthieu Lartot Remains Strong

Matthieu Lartot has been rather discreet since then and even though he receives visits from good friends of his, which raises his spirits, he remains determined to fight cancer and attend the opening match of the World Cup as a supporter of the French XV.


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